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Privacy Notice and Cookie Policy

Privacy Notice


Your privacy is important to Soteria and is part of our core business ethos. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, share, transfer, and store your personal information. We always collect the minimum amount of data we need to provide our services or to communicate with you.


What personal information we collect

There are a number of scenarios where we collect personal data, these are;


  • We will collect information when you contact us to download whitepapers, podcasts or register on the website. This information will typically be your title, your full name, your company/employer details, your email address and your contact number(s). We will only ask for information we need, by providing this information you have given consent.


  • If you are a client, supplier or partner then we will collect contact details, financial including bank details, company details and credit checks to support our legitimate interests in commissioning work or delivering services under contract.


  • If you are an associate or employee then we will collect contact details, resumes, references, financial information including bank details, company details and evidence of residency/right to work to support our legitimate interests.


What we do with it

We use your information for one of a number of reasons;

  • to keep you updated with products and services

  • to support and engagement/employment process

  • to enable us to deliver products and services as required by our contract

  • to commission services


We do not perform any automated processing using AI and do not share it with third-parties without your specific consent.

How long we hold it

The data is held in accordance with our data retention policy, you can request a copy by contacting


Where is it held

Our data is held in an AWS cloud tenant which has multi-layered security and disaster recovery capabilities. The terms of the contract mean the data is held in the EU.


Typically we do not store data outside of the EU or UK. Where data has to be transferred out of the UK/EU we will ensure the destination has an adequate Privacy and Data Protection legal framework in place.


How is it moved

When data is moved/or transferred the transfer takes place by encrypted channels and the data is encrypted.


Your rights

Under UK Privacy and Data Protection legislation you have a number of rights, these include the right to be forgotten, the right to



Third‑Party Sites and Services

Where Soteria uses third-parties and shares personal information, those third-parties will be compliant with Soteria data protection policies and EU GDPR/UK DPA2018.

International Transfers

Soteria does not currently use third-parties that host information outside of the UK/EU. Any cloud based services used by Soteria will host data and provide those services from UK/EU.


Our Commitment to Your Privacy

To make sure your personal information is secure, we communicate our privacy and security guidelines to all employees and strictly enforce privacy safeguards within the company and with any third party Soteria contracts with.

Privacy Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about Soteria’s Privacy Policy please contact us on


If you are unhappy with our responses you can contact the Information Commissioner to raise a complaint at or call on 03031231113 or use a chat service



Cookie policy

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This Privacy Policy was updated on 22nd Feb 2021

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