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Effective Privacy and Data Protection

Soteria Consultancy specialises in in Privacy and Data Protection. Information and data have become critical assets to any company. Being able to use that information in a compliant way reduces the risk of legal challenge and subsequent penalties. It also builds your company or organisation's reputation for handling data responsibly.


We pride ourselves on doing what is needed to deliver compliance rather than over elaborate the use of tools, policies or processes.


We have access to a wide range of skilled resources, toolsets and methods that apply best practice and recognises all businesses are different.

We pride ourselves on delivering value, building strong in-house capability that stays with you and ensuring the outcomes you want are achieved.

Our Services

Our Services

The following service elements highlight areas we can support you in. We can adapt or customise engagements to allow for variations in your processes and your needs.

Privacy and Data Protection by Design

This service provides you with the artefacts to implement services in a compliant manner and provides the audit trail to evidence that.

Privacy Notices and Cookie permissions

This service sets up the privacy notices for the channels the service/products are delivered over and establishes the permissions regime including cookies that needs to be in place.

Data Protection Impacts Assessments

All organisations use personal information to some degree. Understanding how to navigate the complex Privacy and Data Protection landscape is non trivial, but very important to brand, compliance and managing risk. We know how to do this.


What registers do you need in  place to support subject access requests, consent management. This service provides templates and advice on what needs to be done.

Privacy and Data Protection Strategy

The output from this service defines the privacy and data protection policies, procedures and processes that underpin the organisation/ business in implementing it's strategy. 

Implementing ISO27001

This service sets out the components that are required to support compliance or certification for ISO27001.

DPO Advice and Support

This service enables you to call on our experienced DPOs to provide planned or ad-hoc support.

Data Sharing Agreements

Having in place the right data sharing agreements provides certainty that the data you share to provide the service is being used, stored and managed in the right way.

Ad Hoc Incident and Problem Management

When things go wrong we are there to lead or support you and your team in managing what could be  brand damaging set of events.


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We have added some more details about each of our services under each product area, if you want more specific details or a custom conversation about your needs please click on the start a conversation button and we'll be in touch!

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